Running The Startup Repair Tool In Windows 7

Windows 7 could be rightly described as the most successful operating system released by Microsoft so far. With a mind-blowing GUI, and a few additional features such as the desktop gadgets, the OS has indeed been able to make computing an altogether convenient affair for us. However, it is not unlikely that a computing platform despite all of its impermeabilities, would stumble upon some critical error or the other someday. The same could happen to your Windows 7 OS too, in terms of startup issues and slowdowns. Well, if you have been thinking that you have to seek the assistance of the Microsoft help forum to resolve such problems, we suggest that you need not do so. In this post, we give you a comprehensive account on how to run the Startup repair tool on your Windows 7 PC.

How to run the Windows 7 Startup Repair tool

The issue in question can be resolved by running the Windows 7 Startup Repair tool, for which the following steps need to be followed.

Commence the procedure by booting your Windows 7 PC from the original Windows 7 installation CD/DVD. Press any key when prompted, and wait patiently as the setup process loads the files of the OS.
In the window that subsequently appears, you may choose your preferred language, time and currency formats, and the input method for performing the tasks ahead.
Click on the option Repair Your Computer at the left-bottom part of the window, whereby the System Recovery Options shall be initiated. The process shall automatically search your hard drive for any Windows 7 installations.
Choose the Windows 7 installation for which, you wish to perform the Startup repair process, and then click on Next.

System Recovery Options
From the list of system recovery tools, you may now choose Startup Repair. The tool shall now search for any issues with the integral files of Windows 7. Upon a problem being detected, the repair tool shall suggest solution(s) that would resolve the issue automatically. However, do keep following the prompts, and accept any changes suggested by the repair tool.
The Startup Repair tool shall now attempt to repair any issues detected with your Windows 7 OS, as part of which, your PC might restart a couple of times.
Finally, click on the Finish button to restart your PC sans errors.