Ich bin ein Gamer – Who am I?

I conquered the evil Werdna back when some of you were in diapers. I am the Avatar, mixing reagents and living a virtuous life. I am an Arabian Prince, rescuing the love of his life. I am an escaped prisoner, fleeing a castle and killing Nazi’s with ruthless efficiency. I command a Wing of space-fighters in a war against evil space cats. I am Kane, ruthlessly crushing the GDI under my boot. I am a World War I flying ace in my Sopwith Camel. I am Dhalsim and my yoga makes me strong! “Those damned aliens destroyed my ride!” I have been the leader of the world since time immemorial and I have conquered space and sent my people to its nearest star. I am an impossibly proportioned, yet an incredibly acrobatic, female archaeologist. I am Kyle, a Jedi like my father. I saved the town of Tristram, single handedly! I eat Terrans and Protoss for breakfast. I am an auto-vigilante, dig? I manage train schedules for profit, while my uncle is a mayor and city planner.

I watch as my men make Pickett’s charge and die, all in real-time. I am Queen Cathryn of Erathia, here to lead my forces to victory. I am Jill Valentine trying to make Raccoon City a safer place. I can build great Roller Coasters one track at a time; I have janitors who clean up the vomit. As Enric, I lived by my sword. I defeated the second Death Star and all that the Imperial navy could throw at me. My name is Manny — some call me Death, but I feel silly in these platform shoes. I battled the evil Soulblighter and lived to tell of it. I brought the Packers to another Superbowl this season; Pat Summeral himself reported it.

I am part of a top-secret multinational anti-terrorist squad. I am Gybrush Threepwood, wondering how I can take out my undead nemesis once and for all! I am Garret but you won’t see or here me until your coin purse is long gone. I drive a BMW Z3, but if I lose this race, I lose this car… I killed my brother beneath a city so vast that only Waterdeep is said to be larger. I am the Material Defender and I never get airsick. I built the great Pyramids of Egypt and there my dynasty lives on! But most of all — I am Gordon Freeman, fighting for my life.

As the above paragraph shows, I know a bit about gaming. I can’t stop. I love games, be they played on a battlefield made of cardboard, console system and television, face to face on a football field, arcade coin-op, or maxed-out computer system. I love them so much, I have made them my profession. But I’d be playing them anyway, paycheck or no (don’t let my editors hear that). Since I review PC games regularly at numerous websites and publications, report news, interview creators, and even author strategy books, I often wish I had a place to rail, rage, rant, and reflect on this industry and this obsession. Chances are, since you are a regular reader of Daily Radar’s PC section, you’re just as committed to gaming as I am. I intend to use this column to comment and commend this industry as I see fit. Hopefully making it an informative and interesting read in the process. You can verify the information regarding Hay Day and cheats tool in this website:

When you head to the store to purchase a game, as you stare at the shelves, you might as well ask yourself: where do I want to go? Who do I want to be? Good questions. Vicarious living is what gaming is all about. It is why we play, why we compete, and why we sit in front of our monitors day after glorious frag or strategy filled day. Embrace it, love it; like me, it is your destiny. Just be sure to read the reviews you’ll find at Daily Radar first… nobody wants to be Allison in Space Bunnies Must Die, or Anne stuck on Isla Sorna in Trespasser: Jurassic Park.

This is why I am not Indiana Jones today. The famed archaeologist cannot compete with the other vicarious role before me… Today, I’d rather be Corporal Adrian Shepherd instead.