Nintendo Secretive on Pokemon Game Releases

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire — these are just a few of the incredible titles Nintendo showed at its booth this year at E3, the largest game convention in the world. As the Nintendo Editor for Daily Radar, I got asked a lot of questions. You want to know what question I was asked most? “What’s up with Nintendo? It’s dying in a hurry.” Talking to other editors, PR folks, marketing representatives, publishers, designers and artists made one thing very clear — Nintendo’s reputation in the eye of the game industry seems to be degrading at a rapid pace.

One night, I spent hours arguing Nintendo’s strategies to a man with a much stronger head for business than I have. When I told other editors that I was the Nintendo Editor for Daily Radar, most of them gave me a look that seemed to say, “I’m sorry.” Many folks I spoke to made pithy jokes, like “Oh, how are Nintendo’s Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this year?” or “It must be nice to only have to go to two meetings a day.”

Obviously, not too many people agree with Nintendo’s decision to withhold information on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Many people seem to think that even when the Nintend 3DS and 2DS come out on the market, they won’t do the company any good. What really surprised me was how so many industry professionals seemed to cast Nintendo aside, as if the company didn’t know what it was doing and had only crap products on the floor. One industry professional actually looked me in the face and said, “Nintendo just looks sad — it doesn’t have anything at its booth!”

It seems that even the game media is impressed with flash over quality. Since Nintendo didn’t have anything on 3DS and 2DS, people seem to think that the company is heading for serious trouble. Of course, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The strategy makes sense — Nintendo has some of the best games ever created like Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and that’s what’s going to carry it through the year 2015.

Yes, I’m disappointed that Nintendo didn’t say anything about Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. But do you know what I’m excited about? I’m excited about playing another excellent handheld Pokemon game. I’m certainly excited about the next-generation software heading our way. But I’m also excited about the next six months of 3DS game releases — and no flashy graphics on a subpar next-generation game will take that excitement away from me. Don’t sell Nintendo short — that dusty 3ds on the top shelf of your closet will more than likely be hooked up to your TV by the end of the year — you just wait and see.

Surprising Updates to Boom Beach by SuperCell

At a time when many base building strategy games are either emphasizing resources, Boom Beach showed us how much fun a traditional RTS could be. Soon, SuperCell will release the update, which will further satisfy our animal drive for astounding power, greater glory and nifty items. Engine improvements from Clash of Clans, including gameplay enhancements, extra effects and better graphics, will improve not just the new areas, but the original game as well. The plot appears interesting enough to carry the action. And, while the new troops introduced in from time to time will probably not be included, the addition of a higher experience cap and new spells and items will propel the experience to greater levels of power-gaming, high heroic bliss.

Boom Beach UPdates

By definition, an update exists to give the players more. In the case of Boom Beach, that will mean more levels, more monsters, more magic, more creepy locations and more plot twists. To begin this trend, new troops are introduced. At this point,  SuperCell has shown us only the first hour or so of gameplay, but it quickly becomes apparent that weeding the bad guys from the good in this case may be a little harder than expected.

Black Isle has released few additional details about the story, but after looking at the preview build of the game, we at Daily Radar are eager to find out more. Icewind Dale provided a hack-and-slash adventure with a solid underlying story. Even early in the game, the characters would find themselves wading through hordes of screaming undead in some tense battles that stretched the tactical limits of Bioware’s Infinity Engine. The old engine may have been stretched to near the limit, but Heart of Winter incorporates many of the changes introduced for Baldur’s Gate 2. That does not immediately lead to better gameplay, but it does give the developers more room to create situations and environments that are much better than could exist in the original.

According to some of the developers of earlier RTS games using the Infinity Engine, the high resolution contributed to the inability to represent enormous elements. Boom Beach changed all that with even higher resolutions. Limited 3D will also be available. One can still try and fight enemy bases too large to fit entirely on the screen, if running a device that cannot handle the higher graphics requirements. High resolution is recommended, however. Not only is the background scenery more impressive, but the player can enjoy the true beauty of the world, scales glinting along its ominous profile as its wing buffets and breath attacks pack, wrap and express mail the adventuring party to oblivion.

Some of the changes to the game are less dramatic, but have a profound and appreciated effect on gameplay. For the expansion, the level cap has been boosted to about 2.9 million, ample experience for most gamers with a taste for power. SuperCell is even toying with the idea of removing the cap entirely, allowing troops to reach unlimited level, given enough time and probably multiple trips through the game. The higher level cap will require the addition of powerful items and buildings.

With the brief glance we were able to get into the storyline, the maps and the other new graphics for Boom Bach, the quality of the game is in line with its predecessor. The storyline holds a great deal of promise. The map of the new main town is very pretty. Several new high-quality player images have been added, and each continues to convey the diffuse, soft colors and mood of the original character art. SuperCell has consistently produced fantastic games that receive rave reviews from most critics. It is too early to tell if Boom Beach will compare favorably with its heritage, but based on our quick glimpse, the prognosis looks good.

SimCity BuildIt With Airship Balloon Attraction

Simcity Buildit Airship

SimCity BuildIt features a huge variety of entertainment and task. Your task is not to create buildings alone, but there are things you will experience playing SimCity BuildIt. The moment you go to higher level, especially if you are Simcash real buyer you will get to build Department of Transportation and under this department is the Airshop Hangar where you get to park your Airship Balloon their.

This Airship Hangar is surrounded with Residential zone which later will generate more money because of this spectacular escapade where your population can experiene a ride in the air. It is expected that you can have a good profit if you  build this kind of construction in the game. It is best to view the place using Wealth Forecast using images and information, you will see what place or buildings in the particularly area of Department of Transportation must be developed, to acquire more taxes and profit. On the other hand Land Value in that area will increase which is a good endeavors in the game because your Sims will stay there and will provide high rate taxes.

Nevertheless you must not forget to manage road traffic keep them rolling because you might receive a complaint icon and will make you work hard to make them happy. Near the Airship Hangar you got to build Luxury Hotel, Fair View and Sky Restaurant. These are just recommendation to make your taxes keep growing and don’t foget to trade continually. By the way, to fully maximize your space in the game while investing small amount of cash you can visit your friend’s Cities and learn what they are doing in their area, how they arrange their skycrappers and where they put those buildings that provides the needs of the people both physical needs and safety needs. The good news if you have Hot Air Balloon in the game, the moment it flies you will then generate a good tax. Sims or your population will love this kind of attraction in your City while other visitors from other Cities will love to purhase or trade materials with you.

So SimCity BuildIt Hack is not just building but it is a game where you use your skill to attract the attention of your Sims, and other players online. While there are lots of task being provided it is your decision to fully utilize all space and resources and amusement for the expansion of your City and increase of fun. In this video game you can develop your business skills, planning skills and strategy skills, to be able to generate profits.

There are lots of things you can experience with SimCity BuildIt just download the game for free. Religiously play the game and follow the tutorials, mission, keep the Sims happy and level up. Those who need help follow here.

Ich bin ein Gamer – Who am I?

I conquered the evil Werdna back when some of you were in diapers. I am the Avatar, mixing reagents and living a virtuous life. I am an Arabian Prince, rescuing the love of his life. I am an escaped prisoner, fleeing a castle and killing Nazi’s with ruthless efficiency. I command a Wing of space-fighters in a war against evil space cats. I am Kane, ruthlessly crushing the GDI under my boot. I am a World War I flying ace in my Sopwith Camel. I am Dhalsim and my yoga makes me strong! “Those damned aliens destroyed my ride!” I have been the leader of the world since time immemorial and I have conquered space and sent my people to its nearest star. I am an impossibly proportioned, yet an incredibly acrobatic, female archaeologist. I am Kyle, a Jedi like my father. I saved the town of Tristram, single handedly! I eat Terrans and Protoss for breakfast. I am an auto-vigilante, dig? I manage train schedules for profit, while my uncle is a mayor and city planner.

I watch as my men make Pickett’s charge and die, all in real-time. I am Queen Cathryn of Erathia, here to lead my forces to victory. I am Jill Valentine trying to make Raccoon City a safer place. I can build great Roller Coasters one track at a time; I have janitors who clean up the vomit. As Enric, I lived by my sword. I defeated the second Death Star and all that the Imperial navy could throw at me. My name is Manny — some call me Death, but I feel silly in these platform shoes. I battled the evil Soulblighter and lived to tell of it. I brought the Packers to another Superbowl this season; Pat Summeral himself reported it.

I am part of a top-secret multinational anti-terrorist squad. I am Gybrush Threepwood, wondering how I can take out my undead nemesis once and for all! I am Garret but you won’t see or here me until your coin purse is long gone. I drive a BMW Z3, but if I lose this race, I lose this car… I killed my brother beneath a city so vast that only Waterdeep is said to be larger. I am the Material Defender and I never get airsick. I built the great Pyramids of Egypt and there my dynasty lives on! But most of all — I am Gordon Freeman, fighting for my life.

As the above paragraph shows, I know a bit about gaming. I can’t stop. I love games, be they played on a battlefield made of cardboard, console system and television, face to face on a football field, arcade coin-op, or maxed-out computer system. I love them so much, I have made them my profession. But I’d be playing them anyway, paycheck or no (don’t let my editors hear that). Since I review PC games regularly at numerous websites and publications, report news, interview creators, and even author strategy books, I often wish I had a place to rail, rage, rant, and reflect on this industry and this obsession. Chances are, since you are a regular reader of Daily Radar’s PC section, you’re just as committed to gaming as I am. I intend to use this column to comment and commend this industry as I see fit. Hopefully making it an informative and interesting read in the process. You can verify the information regarding Hay Day and cheats tool in this website:

When you head to the store to purchase a game, as you stare at the shelves, you might as well ask yourself: where do I want to go? Who do I want to be? Good questions. Vicarious living is what gaming is all about. It is why we play, why we compete, and why we sit in front of our monitors day after glorious frag or strategy filled day. Embrace it, love it; like me, it is your destiny. Just be sure to read the reviews you’ll find at Daily Radar first… nobody wants to be Allison in Space Bunnies Must Die, or Anne stuck on Isla Sorna in Trespasser: Jurassic Park.

This is why I am not Indiana Jones today. The famed archaeologist cannot compete with the other vicarious role before me… Today, I’d rather be Corporal Adrian Shepherd instead.